Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 for 6

I fancy myself a runner. I am not particularly fast, but I've done OK at long distances. My half PR is 1:52 and change, and I've done two full marathons slightly under 4:30, which I think is respectable for a "casual" runner.

But then I broke my foot in July 2008. By the time I was out of the boot and cleared, it was our wedding, then rugby season, then winter...I ran on and off, and somehow did two half marathons on very minimal training (both run/walked with Princess Charming around 2:30). Then after the crush of spring classes & rugby, I started training for the Philly Distance Run. And promptly broke my foot, slightly, again. Scratch that.

But fast forward. Healed, I think, again. Rugby is in full swing, school is in full swing, and I have, um, a job. But because I am insane, I am also training for the Philadelphia Half Marathon.

I just finished week 6. This is the third week of 6 I've completed my mileage. The other 3 I was missing at least one run (one week was a tournament, one week I was sick, and one week I was just lazy).

Weekly Distances
10/5/2009 — 10/11/2009: 17.0 Mi 2:42:39
9/28/2009 — 10/4/2009: 12.1 Mi 1:54:49
9/21/2009 — 9/27/2009: 14.5 Mi 2:16:03
9/14/2009 — 9/20/2009: 10.6 Mi 1:39:56
9/7/2009 — 9/13/2009: 6.0 Mi 55:08
8/31/2009 — 9/6/2009: 11.7 Mi 1:46:37

So for the next 6 weeks, I need to develop some discipline and be sure to get all 4 runs/week in, rain, dark, rugby or 3-day walk!

Due to my bad planning and backloading runs this past week, that means I will not have a rest day for 12 straight days (oops). Monday-Thurs will need to be runs this week, including a Wednesday long run of 8 miles, to accommodate the 45 miles of walking at the 3day walk this weekend! For full disclosure though, I'll probably swap in some interval training for part of my short run mileage this week - it IS peak rugby season after all, and intervals are so much more fun than 4.5 miles straight!

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  1. Good luck with your training and I hope your compressed training works out okay! :)