Sunday, November 15, 2009

finger crossed

So today I did a 10 miler.
Sort of.
I did 2 miles with the pup in the morning, 3.75 miles midday while refereeing, and 4.25 when I got home. I feel ok. My legs are a little tired. I am entertaining doing all my taper week mileage together (11 miles) on Tuesday then doing cross training wed/thurs as final prep for my half on Sunday.

Last year I'd registered for this race a week before breaking my foot, so Princess Charming and I run/walked it in about 2:30. I REALLY wanted to make this my race "back," to break 2 hours...but all these issues...sigh. I'm thinking 2:15ish. Really though, I'll be happy with doing it unhurt, just as a training run for my Jan half that I WILL BE well trained for.

On the upside, the game today was pretty fun to ref. Two newly minted all-stars teams, the MARFU U20s who are headed to Florida for U20 NASCs, and the EPRU U23s who will head to the MARFU Round Robin next weekend. Nothing like young kids who don't know each other playing together...quite the study in melding teams and cultures and egos.

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