Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Bailey has been really good the last year about only chewing on his toys. Except for the occasional pair of underwear plucked from the laundry, but otherwise, really good.

The last 8 weeks or so we've even stopped crating him most days. And he's been good! Sure, the couch cushions get shoved around (how else can he get to the window to watch me drive away and abandon him for 10 hours?). Sure, his treat bag gets plucked off the 4 ft high hook (hey, I want a midday snack too. Though I don't jump 2.5 feet for it...). But he has a bladder of steel and is beyond happy to see me when I get home, so things have been good.

Then about two weeks ago, he learned to open the front closet. (It slides, he doesn't have thumbs for turning door knobs).
Over the next two weeks, one at a time, he ate two pairs of my running shoes (thankfully, both nearing the end of their lives). These were cool shoes (see stock photo below. I somehow didn't have the heart neglected to record their demise). Why else would I buy two identical pairs within a month of each other?
I am 100% sure I will never find perfectly fitting python print running shoes again.

He's also pulled out Princess Charming's shoes, but hasn't as much as nibbled on them. So, I assumed I just have tasty foot sweat. My new running shoes are safely upstairs, so I let it be.

Then I got home Monday.
The new fall mail/key/remote control basket was on the floor. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. All over. You get the picture.

Also all over, in lots of bitty rain boots! ARGH!

Then Tuesday. Happy Halloween for the pup, who pulled the bowl of leftover candy off of (the middle of) the dining room table and proceeded to pick out all of the mini Reeses. And unwrap them for a midday snack. He was really neat about it - every foil wrapper had the paper wrapper neatly inside of them. I really wish I had a photo of this, but I cleaned it up in a mild fury (and I also searched for signed of doggie chocolate rejection, of which there were, thankfully, none).

And then today.

Today Bailey apparently got bored. The stuffed kong and two PB dipped nylabones were not enough. Today, we moved on to the couch.

Specifically, the lower right corner of each of the three cushions that make up the back of the couch. Example (all three look oddly alike):

While he is looking adorable sleeping on the couch next to me right now, exhausted from a long day of a walk, sleeping, chewing on furniture for the first time, visiting his friends at the PetSmart hotel, and playing with new balls, you can BET he will not be left uncrated again for at least a few days. Sad!

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