Saturday, November 7, 2009


Our pup was a rescue, and his litter had a bad case of pavo before we adopted him (2 of the 7 didn't make it). Bailey is quite a robust dog, but this summer developed a wart which the vet said was related to the pavo, and had a bad enough bout of diarrhea to warrant a trip to the vet (which is, actually, where the ugly wart was finally diagnosed...since it wasn't bothering him - for a month - we'd let it go).

Some chicken and rice, powdered food sprinkles and some sort of pill later, he was fine. But two months later, the diarrhea is back. It could be anything - eating a weird mushroom in the yard perhaps - but it has been a day and is starting to concern me. Back to chicken and rice tomorrow, and powered sprinkles on the food (we did the last pill already)....lets hope we don't need another ($$) vet trip. He's lapping down the water, so I'm hoping he stays hydrated.

But I am worried a bit. Ok, perhaps I spent 30 min on the floor petting him in front of the heat vent where he likes to hang out. But I want him to be ok, even if he is a little annoying at full energy. How will I function with a sick kid??

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