Saturday, September 19, 2009

ing distance run

I picked up my packet today. I last ran the Philly Distance Run in Sept. 07, and it is still my favorite of the half marathons I've run. Its a great course through Center City and around the river (which is a path I used to train on all the time when we lived there). My race packet even included a snazzy - and very orange - tech tee.

But sadly, no run for me in the morning. The tiny fracture from late June impeded my training, and I'm looking at a long run (prep for my Nov half) of 5 miles tomorrow, not 13.1. Since I can't run, I'm glad I had a coupon for the race fee, but its still an expensive tee shirt...though I got lovely new cranberry running shoes on sale at the expo too, so I guess its a wash! I often search high and low for a decent sale! Good, supportive running shoes are just never sold at places like Kohls that discount all their merchandise 50% every other weekend!

Instead of a nice run with 16,000 friends in beautiful weather and getting a new medal for my coatrack, I am spending the day at a rugby fundraiser. There is truly no way I'd rather spend my Sunday than inside Stand 134 of the Linc serving $4 popcorn that is delivered to us in trash bags and trying to pour $6 Coors Light drafts and get a cup full of foam. In fact, I think these fundraisers are so amazing, I wish I could work them every weekend. And, my teammates will join me for a broken pretzel and (that weird never solid) cheese (that no one in their right mind would every eat anyplace but a sporting event). Sadly I only have one more to work this year to fulfill my requirements - the Army-Navy game in December!

(shh, but I did kind of enjoy the Army-Navy game last year. Our stand is in the middle of the cadets, so it was entertaining.)

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