Saturday, October 17, 2009

new plans

My plans for this week/weekend are completely in disarray.

First, I was having some pain this week, so I skipped my 8 and 4.5 milers Wed/Thurs, thinking I'd be walking 60 miles and needed to treat my body well.

Then, the 3-day walk was changed to a 1-day due to the ongoing poor weather in the area. My teammates definitely trained better than I did, and are considering walking San Diego instead. While we can still walk Sunday's 15 miles, we are missing out on the whole experience (which my blogger teammate greatly summarized).

I am a bit torn about what to do tomorrow. Friday I ended up working from home and doing the 4.5 mile run, and today I went to rugby practice and shopped and am currently sitting on the couch watching tv. Do I do my 8 mile run tomorrow in lieu of walking 15? Its supposed to be 42 and an 95% chance of rain. It rained about half of today, including a steady downpour for practice, and frankly, while moving keeps you warm if you're properly dressed, it does not keep you dry. And wet feet are cold feet. So perhaps then you're not actually warm...And while I KNOW cold does not MAKE you sick, I have some reservations about doing that given my life-commitments and how I sincerely cannot afford to get sick!

I wish the weather had cooperated and not given me these crummy options. I feel like a disappointment to all of my generous donors if I don't walk. Then again, the 3-day site is pretty adamant about the goal of the event being fund-raising...and that we did!

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  1. I completely understand the frustrations that weather brings to the table. It's difficult to keep in mind the positives (the actual goal being fundraising, and the important thing being the dollars raised) when you pour so much time and energy into the prep.

    I'm sorry it didn't work out this weekend. And don't worry too much about the donors--I'm sure we are all glad for your commitment and what you have done for this great cause, whether you were able to walk the whole thing or not. =)