Sunday, October 25, 2009

the packing problem

I have a packing problem. Regardless of where I go, I fill my bag to the brim. One day at the shore - two changes of clothes in the backpack. Vacation? Every inch of the bag is stuffed. I try to control this by only using a carry on for anything under a week. But I still tend to bring too much stuff. See this weekend:

Including what I wore coming up to Boston, I brought:
my rugby kit (shorts, socks (2), spandex (2), warm up tee, shoulder pads, cleats)
pj pants
Adidas snap pants
3 pairs each socks and undies & 2 sports bras
2 long sleeve shirts
2 tees
1 tank top.
Oh, and my bathing suit.

BUT, though I'm probably a smidge overpacked, I figure its good to be prepared. Since its wet this weekend, I'm going through socks and my Adidas pants are sure to be wet post-game and not good to ride home in (and I don't ride home in jeans!).

And although I'll preface this by saying I appreciate a good shopping trip and hair salon as much as the next girl (probably not as much as the next girly girl though) - and am currently in the market for a nice sweater dress, a couple more sweaters and maybe a nice pair of camel or gray boots - there is something freeing about not even packing minimal makeup (aka mascara) or a round brush to blow dry with. There is enough of all of that during the week.

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  1. I always overpack no matter where I'm going. You never know what the weather will be like :)