Monday, July 4, 2011

on the road again

OK, like my track record indicates (I won't even link to all of these posts) I have a lot of trouble getting motivated to run outside a training plan. I haven't done well at all trying to stick to the 5k plan I posted since, well, I can run 3 miles without a problem and I just am not in a mindset right now that makes me feel I can run them well (e.g. PR, etc).

So I've sort of moved on. I'm scheduled to run NYC this fall (and am nervous about training since a) it is a full and my half training of recent (er, 18 months+) has blown/I am lazy and b) we will have two little helpless babies at home). Given these "issues, I've opted for  a lower mileage plan (as compared to the plans I was browsing aiming for a 4 hr race, "intermediate" training, and so forth.

Enter Mr. Hal. I used Hal Hidgon's novice half program for my first (really second but first in years) half in 2007 with great success (broke 2 hrs on my first try!).  I used other plans for my 2007 and 2008 fulls but have decided its time to go back to my roots for my 2011 full (which I will not screw up, lol. I can do this, right?)

So Hal's Novice Full program it is!  I decided this week - since training starts next week on this 18 week program, omg - I would do the program with a 6-7 mile long run to ramp up (one ramp!) to the 8 mile run next weekend.   There's two really appealing things about this program:
1) It has 4 days/week of running. In my experience, its REALLY hard to do more than that + crosstrain + go to work + do things like see my relatives I live with.
2) I has stepback weeks. I think this will be really important to my sanity this fall. See previous note about upcoming babies.

So this week, I embarked on my trial run of's how it went:

Monday: Rest & dinner out with both of our moms!

Tuesday: Crossfit. I was supposed to run 3 miles too but I was SO tired from our 4:30 am trip to the airport with my mother in law.  We did handstand pushups and pullups for 20 minutes. I can't do either, so you can imagine how modified it was. And I'm super graceful. I am sure the coaches laughed about me all night.

Wednesday:  planned 3 miles with 6x400. Did 2.98 with 6x400 (splits from 1:54/7:36 pace to 2:01/8:05 pace). Also did 0.8 with the dog.

Thursday: did 3 miles. Planned on Crossfit but bailed.

Friday: did 5 miles split between a 2 & a 3 mile run about 30 minutes apart. Overall pace was 8:49 but I stopped a lot in the last couple of miles...

Saturday: rest day, swam 1/4 mile though...

Sunday: 7 miles on the schedule. Did nil.

Marathon training starts this week though, no more excuses!

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