Monday, July 18, 2011

NYC Marathon Training, Week 2

Week 1 was a success. Onward and upward right?

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Crossfit. I honestly have no idea what I did Monday night. I need to find my book. In the car I hope (?)

Scheduled: 3 m
Actual: Rest. I can't recall why either.

Scheduled: 5 m
Actual: Rest. House shopping. Good excuse I think!

Scheduled: 3 m
Actual: 3 m (28 and change, neighborhood I'm house shopping in) and Crossfit (managed 2.6ish rounds of the WOD, which included waiter walks (35# - kind of complicated to type out but a basic movement in practice), lots of sit ups, and supermans.

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: 3 m (29:29, first mile was with the pup)

Scheduled: 9 m (long)
Actual: 5 m (48:33. did about 1/2 mile with Bailey, then 6x400, then went home. Then felt guilty and returned out for another 1.5 miles, albeit with lots of stops. Time does not include stops of course. Intervals ranged from 2:07/8:30 pace (first one - wtf?) to 1:52/7:31 pace.)

Scheduled: Cross
Actual: 9 mi. 1:30 ish. I almost bailed at 6... stopped at home for a while...waiting till evening - in 85+ heat - AND eating ( fabulous) Red Robin for lunch was a bad combo. I stopped a lot (watch off! ) That said, the last three miles felt better than the first three!

Weight: 167 (this is from 7/18 though; I forgot to weigh myself over the weekend)

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