Sunday, July 10, 2011

NYC Marathon Training, Week 1

And so we begin the 18 week program....I'm planning to do weekly recaps ala a blog I follow in an effort to keep myself on track.

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest. 4th of July, yo.

Scheduled: 3 miles
Acutal: 3.37 mile run, 31:20. Woot for a successful first day of training. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back. (Train station to flat land for 6x400. Stopped - always untimed - about 6 times. I'll blame the heat.  Intervals from 1:47/7:10 pace to 2:05/8:23 pace. Not bad, aside from being a pretty broad spread! I think that slow one was half uphill though.)

Scheduled: 5 miles
Actual: 3.04 miles, 26:44. (around the gym sort of, no idea on number of stops. At least one when I accidentally ran into the train station parking lot)
& Crossfit WOD. I can't remember the Rx offhand, but in 20 minutes I did 3 rounds + 10 shoulder presses of 6 rope progressions, 5 kick ups (aiming for a handstand pushup), 15 should presses (45#), and 10 overhead squats (45#).

Scheduled: 3 miles.
Actual: Dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Happy Birthday to me.

Scheduled: rest
Actual: 3.34 miles within the Crossfit WOD, which included 75 burpies. I might have cheated a little on the burpies and not hit the ground on almost all of them. It was raining. And I was wearing my favorite race tee. I can't remember my total time but I timed the running parts and that was around 27:30.

Scheduled: 8 miles
Actual: 2.07 miles, 19:51 with the dog. This is probably our fastest run together. I think I need to figure out how to run and not slow down with the leash, because I KNOW he is faster than me!

Scheduled: crosstraining
Actual: 9.64, 1:34 or thereabouts. I went to a running group for the first time ever this morning. They were doing 6-10, and I decided to take the 6 route and do the last two on my own (I was worried I couldn't keep up at the end and didn't want to look like a tool my first time out.   I did 6 miles there, or so I thought...the woman I was running with stopped off at her house, and I headed back to my car, and went home to get the dog for my last two.

Then I realized it was a lot later than it should have been. Anyway, I went home and got Bailey, and we did a mile. Despite our good run Saturday, he was not having it (10:47, not counting total stops), and I did the last mile on my own.

Then I downloaded my garmin (9:46 average). Then I saw a giant streak of non-recording. Um. Ok. So I finally hooked up the Garmin Connect business to see the streets I missed, and backtracked my run on  Looks like I didn't record about 1.64 miles, give or take (hah). I have no idea how long it was, running with my new stroller pushing runner maybe-buddy, so I decided just to record it under the average pace of the rest of the run.

Anyway, long run success.

Total mileage for the week: 21.3
Crossfit: 2x

Weight: 167.5 Saturday AM

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