Sunday, July 24, 2011

NYC Marathon Training, Week 3

15 Weeks to go. And so it continues.

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 3 m
Actual: 3 m (28:01) and Crossfit (29 squats and 400 runs. I did 65 lbs on the squat and was sore for 2 days. I think I did 4 sets in 25 minutes.)

Scheduled: 5 m
Actual: Rest.

Scheduled: 3 m
Actual: 3 m (29:47, 101 degrees without index, holy hell) and Crossfit (deadlifts and pullups. Did 135# and green band, 55 reps total of each).

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: 5 m on treadmill (43 and change)

Scheduled: 6 m (long)
Actual: Rest.

Scheduled: Cross
Actual: 6.75 m (1:05:51. And I only stopped 4 times which is a record for me, not even considering it was 83 degrees and so humid I literally dripped when I stopped)

Weight:unknown, since I refuse to record a number after eating fast food :)

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