Saturday, July 23, 2011


Since we sold our house, we've been house shopping!

Keep in mind we saw 46 houses before buying in PA, so we anticipated nothing less here, especially given our quite limited budget given our losses in PA and the reality of NJ real estate taxes (about double PA, like everything else here).

We've seen some gems....mostly gems of estates, with "vintage" kitchens circa 1953 and not touched since, original carpet, second floors that smell like they haven't seen an open window since 1964.  In an effort to not be a digital packrat, I've deleted the photos from the places we walked out of saying "not a cold chance in hell".

But here's some gems from the houses we've considered...

This one is a nice property. 3/1, with potential for expansion with just a small/bathroom sized dormer into 4/2.  Nice big corner lot (by our standards, about 1/4 acre) nice neighborhood and good schools (just 3 blocks away!), though the other side of the street backs up to a small highway.
Lawn furniture needs to be on FAUX GRASS. Don't hurt the real grass. The gnome is watching.

An older house, also in a good area, nice fenced yard, some character. 3/1 with a big family room addition on the back.
And creative decor all over the basement. Plywood and spraypaint is my idea of a finished basement for sure!

These are from a tiny little house, one our realtor calls a "dollhouse". It is actually super cute, a 2/1 with a fenced yard and a nice garage and a finished basement.
Random pile of painted rocks in the middle of the basement.

OH. Enter the finished area, and its a basement "fireplace". Interesting remodeling choice, but OK.

And the the width of that doorway to the width of the stove.  No requirement to host Thanksgiving!

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