Sunday, May 17, 2009

getting moving again

So I haven't really been running. Or anything at all. The last few weeks, I've ran once/week (the weeks of April 6 and 13 were two runs) , plus 1-2 days of rugby. This week, one 2 mi run, one moderate practice, and 40 min of playing time. And I wonder why I'm not fitting into my pants and am gasping for air after anything more than a walk. Oye.
So I have one more week "off" (just work, no class). Time to get with the program, so to speak.
Princess Charming and I are doing a 10K June 7, so I have 3 weeks to get into some sort of shape. I'm shooting for Hal Hidgon's Intermediate10k plan's first 3 weeks. Clearly not ideal, but its similar (but more aggressive) to the last 3 weeks of the novice plan, so I think its doable.

On the plate for this week (modified to be realistic about the schedule)
Mon - 3 mi
Tues - 3 mi + lift (first time in 3 months! oye)
Wed - 35 min tempo
Thurs - 3 mi + lift
Fri - 4 mi
Sat & Sun we'll be out of town working a rugby event, so hopefully I can drag myself out of bed all week for this moderate schedule. Its been a while since I've done 16 miles in a week (which should be maintenance training for me, oops).

Going to get back in shape. Going to get back in shape. Going to get back in shape.

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