Friday, May 15, 2009

THIS is what you learned in school for $50k/yr??


This may be me overachieving, but I was really hoping to make summa cum laude status (which I believe is a 3.80), my GPA is a 3.78 - I'm dismayed - is there anyone I can speak to for a possible GPA bump??

Clearly Insane Graduating Senior


There is more. Our emails (mine saying, "No, be proud of your Magna Cum Laude") must have crossed paths, because this was stacked on her first, not on my reply.

Before I embarass myself, would I stand a chance in asking my [class XXX] professors to bump me from an A- to an A? Which would bring my GPA to a 3.796 - will [Institution] round this to a 3.80?

Clearly Totally Insane Graduating Senior


  1. Wow, I am flabbergasted by the audacity of that request.

  2. I guess it doesn't to hurt to ask? (Just kidding!)

  3. I actually get where she's coming from. Magna at Bucknell was 3.70, and I got a 3.69. I should have been happy with cum laude, but I really would have liked magna.

    That being said, I never would have asked for a higher grade. Ever. From my own experience teaching, you don't "get" grades, you earn them. She didn't earn a 3.80, so she doesn't get summa cum laude. End of story.

    No employer really cares about that, anyway.

  4. I can see WANTING it, but asking?