Tuesday, May 19, 2009


About 18 months ago, a 3 mile run at a sub-9 minute pace was an easy quick day for me.

Today, 3 miles at a sub-10-minute pace was a workout.

What happened? About a year ago I got fat and happy. Actually, scratch that. I'm generally happy, but about a year ago I got lazy. And complacent. And stopped training regularly. (And started commuting farther, taking more classes, and being interested in various things at our new house...) And so, in the last 15 or so months, I've put on 15 or so pounds. Bleh. And, bleh, gone from being pretty fit to well, not. I really doubt I could knock out 10 pushups right now (seeing as I haven't lifted or do any strength training to speak of in, oh, 3 months? maybe 6 months? I honestly can't tell you the last time I lifted.). Last spring I could knock out 25 good ones. In a row. Not on my knees.

Maybe I should scrap my little training plan for this week and just focus on getting 15 miles IN a week. Speedwork without a base is probably asking for trouble, and as much fun as my (freak accident) injury was last summer, I'd rather stay cast-free this summer. 15 miles/week till my 10k June 7, then build to 20/week till I start half-marathon training in July? Is that reasonable? Start speedwork again then?

Why do I obsess over this so much?
Part of me doesn't even want to do the 10k in 2.5 weeks because I don't think I'll make my 54 minute goal (much less my 48 minute speed demon goal) :(

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