Tuesday, March 17, 2009

(slight) change of plans

I'm not running the MORE half.
I didn't register in time. Since my training has been spotty, I've been putting off registering, and when I went to do it tonight, I found it was full! Bummer! The MORE is cheaper than most races and all women, and in NYC! sigh.

So plan b (developed at 11:23 tonight). Princess Charming and I are running the NJ Half Marathon instead.

10,000 total cap (I like bigger races, and this is a big but managable size). looped course, so I get to be the one abandoning the 2,500 marathoners (and feel fast outrunning so many of them who are pacing themselves for, eek, 13.1 more miles. I will try to remember their pain and remember how 13 miles feels short during full marathon training...).
free NJTransit to the start! (I think we'll drive down to a reasonable stop and do this, and have my parents pick us up!)
Loop course also means more spectators (theoretically anyway) since its easy to get to people in multiple spots. And there's bands! (this is a pretty well reviewed race)
AND there's no rugby that weekend for me to have to decide to bail on (with the other option to risk being tired/sore on race day).

Downside: $85. Normal price for a half, but more $$ than I was planning on. Oops. Hope its a tech tee at least.

Overall a win I suppose.

(and we have an extra week to train, which is good since I'm kind of behind!)

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  1. I can't imagine 13+ miles. Maybe some day (wishful thinking). Good luck training!