Thursday, March 12, 2009

flamingly liberal

According to the folks at American Progress (whomever they are) I score a 280/400 on the scale of progressive-ness (test at link), beating out, well, everyone. Everyone on average anyway. I'm only very progressive and I'm told the scale goes up to extremely progressive.

I think this is a faulty test though, since the questions are very simply worded and 40 questions doesn't really cover enough (especially when 3 or 4 deal with the Gays, which is clearly a large root of my "progressiveness"). Still amusing, though I'm also perturbed that the website's graphics indicating a New Progressive America seem to indicate progressiveness as voting democratic, which I think is completely ridiculous.

I'm curious how other "real" (non-averaged!) people score!


  1. I got a 279. I wonder how they determine who falls in the "liberal" versus the "democrat" versus the "liberal democrat" categories?