Wednesday, March 18, 2009

fit challenge?

Jessica posted this new fitness challenge. I'm entertaining it. I am definitely going to go through the steps, though committing to 20 lbs in 20 weeks? 20 lbs is my ultimate goal (and would make me 7 lbs under overweight according to the governments ridiculous BMI chart!) but I haven't gotten to losing 5 lbs in 20 weeks! heck, it took my 52 or so to gain 15, and gaining is easy :)

But self evaluating and at least entertaining a challenge is a step in the right direction, so I'll play along :) So the Ash is Fit 20 lb Challenge...

Step 1: make a plan
I'm going to keep this simple. I've been a Weight Watchers member on and off for years as I've always yoyoed a bit (from normal to somewhat overweight). I've put on 15 lbs this last year, and need to lose it. I'm actually going to stick to WW (with my friendly flex and activity points) instead of just paying them 15/mo to use their website! :)

and I'm going to stick to my half marathon training program!

Step 2: set rewards
I haven't had a pedicure in Months. I'll take a pedicure for each 5 lbs, and new jeans when I (theoretically) hit 20.

Step 3: plan
Due to the turmoil of the late spring (rugby playing + coaching, school x 2 classes, work, and because I'm crazy, half marathon training), I feel good that I plan 3-4 dinners/week. For now, I'll keep my meal planning to not grazing at the open refrigerator (which would be an accomplishment for me!)

and, of course, not being lazy and skipping out on my running program!

Step 4: measuring and nutritional info
I'm actually pretty good at knowing what in in what I eat. The bigger thing for me here is portion control, particularly with desserts (since I will not give up sweets. I have a sweet tooth and you don't want to talk to me sans cookies).

Step 5: before photos...

maybe tonight. I do have some longggg before photos from my heaviest when i gained the freshman (slash I had terrible dietary habits and a borderline eating disorder in high school) 50 (about 25 lbs over where I am now) but I'll have to find them on my laptop.

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  1. I'm joining this challenge too! Her blog has me all motivated now :)