Monday, March 16, 2009

fitness and such

So...since my big "coming out" weight loss post weeks ago...

I haven't budged. haha. but that's ok. I've finally started working out again (ran 10 miles the last 4 weeks, which is low for me but an improvement over nothing! and rugby started!), and am feeling better. Working out = eating better (fuel!), so that should (hopefully) come with time. I've seen a couple of cute mileage widgets I'd love to add to my sidebar, but I've been using the same running log for almost 18 months, and I can't bear to start over!

In other fitness news, I ran the 300 m shuttle/fitness test at practice last week in 77 and 81 seconds (two tests 5 min apart). Its back and forth for 25 m 6 times...lots of turns. I'm curious what I can do for a straight 300 m sprint. One day I'll try - I'm curious how I would fare on the FBI fitness test (purely because one of my friends is training to apply, and I'm competitive and want to see how I compare!) I finished somewhere around the middle of my team, but was one of just a couple to have under a 5 second spread in times (which is indicative of good pacing and good recovery). Woot. Anyway, I'm told the athletes in the national team pool do the test in 50-65 seconds (position dependent). My goal is to hit 70 seconds...I'm not a speed demon, but I have ok endurance, and since I haven't been training - esp not for speed - I think I can do it by the fall :) 10% is reasonable, right? (actually, I have no idea, since its mostly anaerobic...)

In not so good fitness news, I haven't lifted in several weeks. I had only been lifting 2x/week or so to begin with, so this is a problem. Since its mostly a time and not a motivation issue, I Netflix-ed Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred last week to try it out. Not bad. I don't have hand weights, so I improvised on level 1 with a 10 lb weight ball and resistance bands (depending on the exercise). I might pick it up this week since its pretty unlikely I'll get to the gym with any regularity again before mid-May. Should be good for working on my core and maintenance at least! Some exercise is better than nothing. (for full disclosure, I have a rough time doing a minute of push ups, but refuse to do them on my knees...slow is fine!)

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