Monday, June 6, 2011

running gear review

who doesn't love a good (completely unsolicited and uncompensated-purchased-by-me) review?

Oh hail the Bondi Band & Spi Belt.

I got my SpiBelt for Christmas from my wife, sort of a tag along to the new Droid phone I got in late December which is (great &) way too big for my old belt.  Love. This this is amazing. It looks tiny, but it really hold a ton. I usually pop my phone and keys into it, and have also added a gu. It could easily hold a couple plus my standard stuff. It doesn't seem to stretch out of shape either. Major love. My only issue is it isn't water proof, but its nothing a zip lock baggie for the phone can't cure!!  Also, it REALLY doesn't bounce! I like to wear it fairly low, more like a low slung belt (high hips) than a waist belt (which is how gear belts tend to ride) and it really does stay put when I have it tight enough and properly lined up in the small of my back. Love I tell you.

The BondiBands are a more recent purchase, sort of an impulse buy at the MORE expo.  I had read about them online (as being terrific) and was still skeptical.  Color me suprised. They really do stay put. Totally worth the money, and I'm toying with ordering more so I can launder these more often when they're all sweaty and gross in the summer.  I have a big head and they more than fit, very comfortably. I usually roll the edges slighty, and have also folded them in half for a more narrow headband. Amazingness. They do leave my hair a little matted looking after a run, but I am so beyond gross at that point its really a moot point. They're also not bad as a little ear warmer for chillier morning, and easy to push back as you get warm! Another win!

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