Sunday, February 6, 2011


This week was not a repeat of the training success of last week. Basically I was lazy. And whiny about the snow. In the end, I did 2.6 miles (2x1), 1 mile (with Bailey), and 8.09 miles (long run, 3 stop and go with Bailey and 5 on my own). The long run was actually decent and an ok pace (9:36, counting the 30 second walk breaks every 5 minutes or so, but not counting Baileys stops to sniff things or my stops to cross streets, etc. I stopped probably 10 times on my own briefly, and who knows how many with the pup).

So back on the wagon for next week. I have 2 two milers, 4 miles speedwork, and a 8 miler to do. Needless to say, I've backed off a bit from my aggressive mileage goals, but am still hoping to hit 2 hrs at the MORE half. No more slacking on training for me.

Its also time to get on board with getting my body in better shape. While I don't have the worst diet, I am an emotional eater. And a boredom eater. And not a salad eater. I am still exactly the same 172 lbs I was in July (when I supposedly was getting my act together..6 months ago). Bah. I had dropped 5 lbs or so during rugby season, thanks to all the built in interval work, but that ended 3 months ago and hopped right back on. So, after much hemming and hawing, I reactivated (again) my WW Online account. The Points system has changed somewhat (marketing ploy really, but its good they account for protein now). I spent the last few days tracking without thinking about what I'm eating (which is too much  and lacking fresh things...mostly the latter though). Today, I am starting to track with purpose.

Good thing I just earned a ton (16?) points running!

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