Monday, February 2, 2009

my dream

I may not be a football fanatic, but this guy is now my hero. I'm not a speedy person. I'm not evasive. I'm not small. Neither is he (well, given his career). His job on the field is not really to score in spectacular fashion. In my little rugby life, mine is not either (though forwards in modern rugby ARE expected to score way more than I do, with 2 tries to my 8 year career). But I can dream of having a great moment like this, dream of cherrypicking a pass between the scrumhalf and flyhalf while defending a penalty on our try line, dream of running it all the way down the field (including up the little hill of our city park), DREAM of evading tacklers from the other team and cornerflagging for a try. In this dream, I am also, obviously, much faster than my real life 40 time (::cough::over 7 seconds::cough::) indicates.

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