Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Deltoids??

We had indoor practice yesterday. Lets keep a few things in mind here:
a) I haven't been working out much. I've had such a lazy winter. 3 days of running and 2 days/week of moderate lifting would be reasonable for maintenance but I haven't even managed that. Elliptical and light weights (squatting the bar? was I really doing this in seriousness?) hasn't really cut it for maintaining or improving my fitness (see below posts about pants fitting problems).
b) I haven't handled a ball since...October?
c) Indoor practice is non-contact. And typically fun.

This morning I woke up with tied shoulders and back muscles. This concerns me a lot. I should not be sore from PASSING. I really HOPE this is just a "Hello, Emily. This is your muscles and little connective fibers saying Hi, and thanks for ignoring us for the past few months." and not real muscle fatigue. If so, I'm going to be having some much more significant soreness (particularly in my core) when practice starts next week and we revisit tackling and scrumming.

This doesn't excite me that much.

I think I'm retiring sometime this year. I think anyway. Maybe if I keep saying it I will?
(or, more likely, maybe if I cry on my way home from practice again I will)

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