Friday, February 13, 2009

10 weeks

Till my half marathon. I ran two miles last night. My foot is still sore. I'm supposed to do a 6 and a 7 still this week, but I don't think I can. I think I need to work up a new lower milage program and look to peak at 20 miles/week instead of 30. boo.

I'm just about 10 lbs over my weight goal for then (I think some of Monday's weight was water weight from eating friend (uck) food Sunday), so I think it is doable. 10 weeks ago was roughly Thanksgiving - I need to remember how fast that will fly, and how fast I'll fit into my pants again (seeing as that's about my weight, give or take a lb or two, from the beginning of 2008) if I stick with the program.

Today is a new week on WW, and I'm going to stick to it and not go over my points. My goal is to not touch my Activity Points either, which should help too!

Also in motivation:
I bought new jeans last night, the same size as my older pair (which were my "loose and comfy" pair for a while). They're a bit snug, but unlike my two smaller "nice" pairs, I can sit in them without exposing my undies! ha.

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