Wednesday, February 4, 2009

doing it again

I never really had wedding withdrawl - perhaps because I was never SUPER engrossed in wedding planning - but I do have "if things were different" thoughts when I see other's wedding photos, etc. Since I haven't finished my faux-married-bio (since I mostly blog from work, where my photos are not!), I will do a different recap today :)

We had a wedding I loved on a reasonable budget. We're legally married (some places) and had our nearest and dearest (who could afford the trip) there.
If things (DOMA, among others) were different, we'd probably have gotten married in PA where we live, seeing as it'd be weird to pick between our hometowns 900 miles apart. And we would have done just one reception (no casual-backyard-at-home reception), and the wedding would have been bigger in general. Still relatively economy without being tacky, but bigger.

Needless to say, I never really planned out those details since it wasn't going to happen.
I did, however, pick out some lovely fancy items for the wedding I would have if someone gave me, say, $50,000 I was only allowed to spend on the wedding (not the honeymoon, not a house, etc etc).
So some lovelies from that theoretical, totally impractical, waste-of-money-in-my-opinion wedding I might have a fleeting dream of but would never have. (And, now, little fleeting wants, be gone from my head!)

I'd have done a more lux invitation

and a custom stamp to match.
We'd have used a (duh) bigger place, and but kept our requirement of character and non-wedding-factory feeling, ala...

with understated ivory candle centerpieces and gold chivalri chairs.

real flowers for the bouquet with cymbidium orchids and calla lillies ala

and a spectacular dress ala

and somehow have hair that could pull off this

and a photographer that could do this

and now, back to your regularly scheduled, practical programming.

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