Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So my new goal for my fall half is to beat my spring performance. A 2:08 isn't exactly spectacular, and is 15 minutes off my PR from 2008 (15lbs lighter and running, oh, 20 miles more/week than I am now). That said, my training has been spotty, with spotty midweek runs and roughly every other weekend long runs. I MUST get 10 mile+ runs in this Saturday and next though...A look back at my training log shows 3 10 miles within the 5 weeks pre-race, and fairly similar (though slightly higher) midweek mileage (though I am doing Crossfit twice a week now, so I think it balances out), so I think I can do this. This week and next (and the week of taper) I will focus!!!! haha. (AND I will not beat myself up...I have newborns at home! I am doing a good job here, right?)

Last night was our first true fall evening and it was spectacular, if overcast. I ran 6.3 miles after work.  I ran 30 minutes IN A ROW (I cannot tell you the last time I did that), then 3 10 minute periods. I felt good. I feel good today! I am going to try to squeeze in 3 miles tonight but we'll see.

At this point, weekend long runs aside, I'm shifting my focus to my Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. My 5k times have always been dismal, so a PR  IS in my future.

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