Thursday, October 13, 2011


Changes to the house have begun.

In no particular order...(disclaimer: I didn't take good post-purchase pre-reno photos, so all of my befores are from house hunting. Lots of random poses!)

Front porch before
it's hard to see here, but that's faux tile.
Front porch (floor) after
almost all the laminate is up! and aside from the rust line from the nails, the wood is in nice shape!
Nursery before
(I'm scoping out the prescriptions/doctors stuff hanging on the wall)

Nursery painted

"Master" before
yes, that's a single bed...
"Master" (too funny to call it that, at 10x10 ish, with one tiny closet for hanging and a tiny closet of shelves to boot) painted
Kitchen before

Kitchen gutted


  1. are you folks living there while all the work is going on? I can't believe you can manage to do anything and have babies. I find that remarkably inspiring.

  2. oh, lord, no. we are still at my parents' house until sometime in November.

  3. Yeah, i was gonna say what Katy said, but still!! How are you doing this, while working, with twin infants?! Holy cow! looks great!