Tuesday, December 7, 2010

so that Thanksgiving 5k...

Just under a 9 min pace.  My first mile was crowded and I just couldn't pick it up enough to make up the difference. My 3rd was an 8:40 despite a huge hill at the end (though Garmin says it was only a 16 foot net ascent, so I guess I picked up some pace on the gradual downhill). Note to self: next year, start inappropriately far up in the pack if racing.

Overall it was good though, and my whole family did it. My mom was sort of convinced the clock was wrong since she finished over 5 minutes ahead of her hour minute goal.  And my dad took about 4 minutes off his time from last year. I think a 13 and change mile is pretty darn good for someone who started exercising, literally for the first time ever, at 57 years old and following a triple bypass.  My brother came in at around 34 minutes, also not bad for not working out ever. He was a little sore Friday though (teehee).

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