Saturday, August 14, 2010


We recently (OK, almost a month ago) went to a family wedding in Cincinnati. Princess Charming's dad's family lives out there, so we loaded up the Subaru with snacks and my sister in law and her boyfriend, and headed out for the 11 hour drive. (sidebar: I really, really hate road trips. Give me a plane anyday.)

Thanks to some diligent research on the behalf of persons other than myself (as I am most interested in ending the time on the road), we took a couple of side excursions (which DID make the drive out seem faster than the straight-through drive back, I admit!)

one of many "Phils" in....
Puxsutatawney, PA! Home of the Friendly February Weather Forecasting Groundhog!
With "Phil" outside the local Weather Museum (aka the defunct Post Office)
Then in Columbus...

A bit of vintage dining
Columbus was bigger than I expected. I love the atmosphere of places like The Ohio State University, so I would actually entertain moving there (for the right job) since its actually rare to find a land grant football institution attached to a legit city.

Onward to our destination: Cincinnati...Home (?) of the 5-Way

spaghetti, onions, beans, something passing for chili, and lots of yummy cheddar

And finally: the purpose of driving well over 20 hours in 3 days...

The Wedding (ok, the centerpiece very close up, but I liked the photo)
and all the family (most of which I was meeting for the first time!)

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