Monday, August 16, 2010

last week's workouts

Not as good as the week before, plus I wasn't as on the wagon with eating. After finally dropping below 172 last week (to 169.8!) I was 171.4 this morning. So, still down 0.6 in two weeks but the week of not really watching what I ate showed. Whoops. It's largely a result of a few sizable poor choices. I really need to get a handle on my emotional and stress eating. Being tense does not mean I need half a bag (a big bag) or pretzel or 6 huge cookies! So this is a new week. My short term goal is to lose 15 lbs or so (ideally 17 to put me out of "overweight") by Thanksgiving in 3 months.

Anyway, its a new week now, so a look back:
Monday: nothing I recall
Tuesday: practice. We did a fun ten minute fitness drill I think I performed well in too.
Wednesday: lifted for about 30 minutes. Front squat with push press, 1 point DB rows, 1 leg squats on the v-squat machine (mostly because I'm working on my range of motion).... I can't recall what else but there was 2 other exercises.
Thursday: 20 minute treadmill run at lunchtime (2.29 miles), practice. We did sprints by position and I didn't know who to go with - I'm prop sized but play mostly second row and this is a new coach and I basically panicked. So I ran a lot of 20 and 40 m out and back sprints (so 40 and 80 I guess). I wanted to die. The last set I looked like a big loser, but I guess I did almost double everyone else so that that make my lack of speed less terrible? I don't know.
Friday: lifted about 30 minutes. Wide grip deadlift, underhand lat pulldowns, shoulder raises, lunge with elevated front foot and pushups. All 3x8. 30 minute treadmill run in afternoon, 3.45 miles.
Saturday: nothing. I planned to run but my hamstrings felt awful. Like I could barely keep up with my wife walking around the grocery store awful. I'm not sure if this is from the sprints or the treadmill (both of which runs were much faster than I've been doing outside lately).
Sunday: unlike last week's semi-accidental 7.75 miler, I squeaked out 3 or so miles. My watch died around mile 1 so I'm not totally sure. My hamstrings were still displeased and I decided it would be more responsible to only do 8.5 miles for the week and not pull anything. This was probably a good choice, since I feel good today.

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