Thursday, August 5, 2010

garden exploits

Our garden has been so incredibly fruitful this year already (despite being mostly in pots!). We gave away our first dozen Roma tomatoes since they ripened when we were heading out of town. As of this weekend, we had probably another 3 pasta sauce!  We tried our hand at canning (ok, mostly Princess Charming). Not too hard actually, just a little time consuming. We're going to keep this up through the summer and hopefully have some nice, organic and extremely healthy items to break out in the dead of winter (not to mention, it'll be a nice source of veggies when they're super expensive!)

And we've had a few cucumbers! A photo of my favorite new super fast to prepare and super healthy recipe (just beans, red wine vinegar and cucumbers + chicken breast).

The peppers - hot and bell - are almost ready too!


  1. We finally set up our garden but didn't plant anything. I think we're going to try to do some late summer things and prep for spring next year. Looks like an awesome haul though!

  2. Please share your tomato sauce recipe. I have tons of tomatoes on the vines and am just waiting for them to ripen before making some sauce to can!

  3. My 2 tomato plants have nothing this year. I guess I'm not too disappointed since we don't actually eat tomatos, but I could have made sauce. Yours will be nice to have in the winter!