Thursday, September 7, 2006

rolling, rolling, rolling..

So I've moved to Philly officially. Two+ weeks ago. I've started my assistantship, and started class yesterday. I have a paper due next Wednesday....that requires 6 chapters of reading prior to writing. I'm a little stressed already (in some part because I haven't written a paper since, oh, 1998, at least not one that wasn't scientific/lab-ish).
Anyway. There's lots and lots I've been wanting to write about, but alas, I don't have internet at home...and I've been busy during the day...but I'm settled in at work now and I think I can catch up in some downtime (on the job, heh).

: )

Speaking of downtime, I had some at work this morning and took the time to catch up on the Eagle's World Cup blogs (fabulous, I'm totally living out my dream being an international athlete via the internet) and via the great women's rugby blog, found a blog of a new teammate that I also greatly enjoyed reading!

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