Tuesday, September 26, 2006

in the spirit of overheardinny

I've decided to create an occassional feature called (ever so creatively) Overheard At Penn.

Today's edition: Elitism at the Ivies

Guy: Are you kidding? I DID NOT sleep with her!
Girl: Why should I believe that?
Guy: Because she goes to BARNARD! I only have sex with PENN girls!
~Locust Walk

(question: Would anyone at A&M would ever have this conversation, replacing Barnard with, say, Texas?)


  1. they would totally say that at pitt about carnegie mellon girls and vice versa. though most likely vice versa...

  2. Bentley would say that about Brandeis... but Brandeis guys would prefer Bentley girls..

  3. Bucknell guys would do it between different sororities.