Tuesday, August 29, 2006

World Cup!

The women's rugby world cup kicks off this week with the US playing England (actually, I don't know if this is the first game, but its the first one that matters, right?)
I haven't been online much as of late, so I was excited to see all the updates to the Women Eagles page (which is, of course, more current than USA Rugby's page, which hasn't gotten around to posting the roster for the first game yet). I was also pleased to see daily training updates by the scrumhalves on their personal blogs (Lee and Claudia)-- bringing us all a part of the action! Just reading these things makes me excited -- I canNOT imagine what it must me like to be a part of it!! I'm so excited to see the US v England game via webstream...now to decide to cheat and check the score/recaps/etc on Friday or wait and watch it Friday evening! (I have to admit, I'm pretty jealous of all those -- including some current and former teammates -- who are making the trip to Canada to see things live!)


  1. doofus! it happens on THURSDAY!!!! i'm considering leaving practice early to watch it live...

  2. I know! but I wouldn't be checking the scores till Friday because I don't have internet at my new apartment. But actually I'm driving to NJ Thurs night so it is feasible around midnight. The option of watching on Fri was if I didnt have to go to Jersey till Sun (turns out my car needs work, and I'm spending a lot of words explaining this!) I could go to my new teammate's house to watch it with others Fri night!