Monday, December 3, 2012

first week

So my first week of weight watchers was a mixed bag.
Downside: no weight loss. I actually was down 1.5 lbs on Friday, but then ran out of "extra" points and didn't track all weekend. fail. so back to where I started.

Upside: I've determined my HUGE issue is I eat almost no fruits and veggies and a SHITTON of candy and other assorted bad for you things. Omg. I don't even LIKE candy that much.

So here is my December goal:
(pretending this weekend didn't happen)
Stick within my WW points (including activity and weekly) for the entire month.  I'd like to aim to lose 5% of my weight (about 8.5 lbs) by Jan 1, but I know that is a stretch.. so sticking with points will be it for now!

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