Monday, November 26, 2012

Turket Trot

My dad and I (and my mom and a friend of mine) did our annual Thanksgiving 5k this past weekend. We started running it in 2009 (I even managed to blog about it in 2010).  I ran it in 29:02 (on my watch, the chip times were all screwed up. I didn't run a 23:xx nor did my mom do a 40:xx (she did come in under 50 minutes though which is a huge PR for her, not that she keeps track...).

It's a great race, sizeable (at around 2k runners) for a local run, if crowded at the start. I can't blame the runners for me time (ok, maybe for 30 seconds of it). I can only blame myself, my walking on the hills and my lack of general training.

In other news I started weight watchers today.

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