Tuesday, May 29, 2012

still not quite done...

We did SO much to our kitchen before moving in.
as it came. without a fridge.
Then we moved in. With 3 month old twins.  It all kind of ground to a halt.
certainly an improvement - notice the bottom half of the crown molding went up about 6 months ago!

After a couple of months, we got the cabinet hardware installed, and later most of the crown molding.

We have some friends and family coming to visit this summer, so we're really trying to finish it up.
This weekend we started the backsplash.
crown molding (except above the fridge unit...) and tile (except the top row)

We hope finish the little pieces this week, and grout it next weekend as well as hang the last 3 feet of crown molding and the kickplates.  Then we can think about addressing the paint and the doorframes...maybe...

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  1. I love the cabinets and the back splash! Looks awesome.