Monday, May 28, 2012

Instant PR

This morning I ran a Memorial Day 10K in a lovely nearby community.  I have to say, this is one of the best organized races I have ever attended.  Of course, its been running longer than I have been alive, so they've had some time to perfect it!!  It was a good sized race - 3500 people between the 10k, 5k and fun runs - which is a size I love. I don't like small races -- too lonely on the course.

I started out a little fast. It was just around 80, and humid (when the race finished the car said 86, and said the heat index was 90ish while Accuweather/the paranoia network said 100). It felt good to be running without the stroller. Alas, it was hot and I am not as fit as I think (not to mention I do have mental toughness issues). I'd planned to walk the water stops, but added in walking the 1/2 and 1 mile points from 3.5 miles on.  It was rough.

I did manage to keep my overall pace under 10 min/mile, which I guess is good. (Considering I'm carrying around 20 lbs more than I was 5 yrs ago at my marathon, and 30 or 35 more than I should be, I suppose its respectable even though I am still clinging to my 40 min 5 miler PR from 2007...)

1 mi - 8:47
2 mi - 8:52
3 mi - 9:20
4 mi - 9:44
5 mi - 9:51 (see me walking more and more!)
6 mi - 9:33
0.2 mi - 2:28/9:05 pace
58:33 overall, 9:25 pace
591/934 (looks like there was 1500 or so in the 5k, but we left just before it was starting...there was also an elite (like 5 min qualifying times) mile race and a big kids' fun run)
199/409 women
F30-34: 26/47

This was my 1st ever 10k, so it is an instant PR. Score.

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