Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the scary black dog

Earlier this week, Bailey and I took a jog on our usual two mile loop and ran into one of these folks. More specifically, her dog came to visit us.  Apparently he (also a Bailey) slipped his collar and came running down the street. I heard him approaching via the scuttling of the leaves - scared the crap out of me to be honest, since it was dark and I didn't know it was a 11 lb Boston terrier coming).  So little dog and my dog sniffed each other. Little dog peed in someone's yard. Bailey was jealous since he couldn't go far enough into the yard from his leash to pee over the spot. I finally got the owner's attention (she was 4 houses up the hill and seemed to think I was yelling for fun and her dog was still in her yard). She came to get him and nearly died when she saw them sniffing each other. Ok, so her dog was under my dog. But her dog was there by choice, sniffing my dog's junk!

her "oh my goodness"
me "haha i think they're ok, just saying hi"
her "blah blah you dog is surprisingly friendly"
me "um, yeah, he loves other dogs"
her "wow"

OK, so not the worst exchange ever but still annoyed me for the rest of the run.

Sure, my very medium black dog - he's only 45 lbs - is, well, black and a mutt of undistinguished heritage.

But he IS super friendly.

Likes: food, people, dogs, treats, running off leash, dog food, car rides, standing in the bay window, car rides with head out the window, cheese, food, petsmart, doggie day camp, the dog park, milkbones (see a theme here?), other dog's water bowls, nylabones, stuffed animals, my bed, kids, bicycles, cleaning plates, belly & ear rubs

Dislikes: stuffed animals with the stuffing intact, hot sauce, rain, walking slowly on leash, coming when called outside, anything the vet does near his hindquarters

Fears: thunder, storm drain grates, cars backfiring, fireworks

People need to learn that some dogs are mean, and some are not. You can't tell just by looking at them. That fluffy 15 lb cocker spaniel at my mom's is way more likely to bite you than my dog is (knock on wood of course, on all counts). And he smells better too.
really, he looks harmless anyway.


  1. He's so pretty!!! My terrier mix is a pain in the butt! She's got behavioral issues and thinks she's as big as Marmaduke with the attitude of a pit fighter! She looks sweet until you get too close. Therefore we always warn people with other dogs to keep their distance and make sure we move out of the way of the unsuspecting. It's the dog owners responsibility to keep their dog and other dogs as safe a possible. Shame on her to assume your dog wasn't anything but a gentleman!

  2. Awww, look at that sweet face! He looks snuggly.