Sunday, November 14, 2010

so about that Thanksgiving 5k...

I'm still doing it, but my training has been naught.
I did 13.9 miles this week...most I've done in a week since September. I never broke 10 miles in October, and had two weeks at 0. Whoops. In my (sort of) defense, October is the peak of rugby season, and I had a really good season (my team had an...interesting one, where we made the national playoffs with a good seed despite our 2-4 league record...long story). Seriously, in ten years and 19 15s seasons, this is the first time I've felt, well, useful. Not an asset exactly, but a contributing player. I even made a tackle on a wing once...not in a wing-got-ball-by-accident-near-a-sideline-ruck tackle either. Open field, past the centers. I honestly cannot recall why I was out there to begin with, but she squeeked when I hit her. It was awesome.

I digress, but my party line in why training is screwed up THIS time (lets forget previous, shall we?) is rugby. Distance running IS bad for rugby, and I DID so (some) specific training this fall. We'll call it a wash at any rate, since I wouldn't trade this past season for a silly old 5K PR at all. (Seriously, I really enjoyed our bizarre season.)

So today I did 3.2 miles at a 9 min pace (averaged), my best in a while...except I stopped a number of times. Post office, three intersections, the top of 3 hills (and you can bet I stopped my watch). I'm running NYC (marathon) in the fall (more on that another day), and am planning on a spring half, so I have time to improve and get to where I once was at least (at Thanksgiving 2007, just after I ran NY in '07, I ran a 5 mile race at an 8:06 pace. Stellar and amazing for me!).  So for now, my Thanksgiving goal is 27 minutes. I've only ever run one 5k under that anyway, and it was 26 and change in 2008. I have about 10 days left to train, so I'm just going to focus at running 3 miles at a pop at an 8:40 pace, even if I have to stop. Surely I can push that out on race day.

That's a lot of chatter about a little 5k.

I think I can, I think I can...

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