Wednesday, November 17, 2010

nighttime run

So I had tonight free, and the weather is nice (50s, clear), so I figured it was time to suck it up and run in the dark (and the dog needed a run. He must have slept alllll day.)  So we go, planning 2 miles with the dog and 2 on my own.

I broke out the headlamp I got at the end of last winter too; figured I should get used to it again. It was ok. Honestly, I probably looked a little silly. It was under $15, and isn't super bright (but is bright enough...I mean I'm not running in rural Idaho here), and since it was so clear tonight AND the moon is out and it was 7 pm, not 6 am, there were quite a few cars on the road (so, all said, it wasn't super dark save for about 3 separate blocks).
Super Dork.
So around mile 1, Bailey pooped. This is normal, and I think a result of our almost-always-10-minutes morning walks. He almost always poops at mile 1 when we run (This is actually a recent development though, since until 6 months ago he would only poop in our yard, not out walking. Weird dog.).  So I pick it up in the grocery bag I have tied to the leash, and we go on our merry way. This is probably our fourth or fifth run since March or April. I got pretty spoiled with rugby & the dog park in those warm months (and he's a crummy running partner when its warm and there BIRDSSQUIRRELSRABBITSohisthatakidonabike??). At this point, I'm pretty darn pleased how well its going, as we're still working our way back to the 3 miles we were doing together at the end of last winter (I am 100% sure he is 100% fit enough for this. I think he just gets bored. And then he sits. Then I get annoyed. For now, low expectations.)  I was considering trying for 3 with him tonight since he seemed so happy and undistracted.

So around mile 1.5 I check my watch.
Except I can't see a damn thing on my Garmin.
Because it is covered in spattered poop (I didn't take a photo, you're welcome).

I was carrying the poop bag in my right hand, not knowing there was a tiny hole. Apparently the bouncing as we ran propelled just a tiny drip up and over my wrist with each step to land smack on the face - the large face - of my Garmin.  Not a speck to be found on my jacket. The wonders of (gross) physics.

It cleaned right off with a little water and a paper towel when I got home....but I nixed those other couple of miles tonight for emotional trauma ;) (any excuse, right?)


  1. Oh yuck,really eeew. This is why running is bad :-)

  2. I think you were justified in not doing the extra miles!