Sunday, November 21, 2010

season over

So I only ran 10 miles this week. Nothing else. Oh well.

and rugby is over now. My team ended a long time ago, with the (sort of surprise, its a long story) trip to Nationals that could have/should have been (we were supposed to see bats & win, among other things).

and three weeks later, the collegiate D3 season ended. My kids finished second in the nation (of 47 teams, which is something really...there's only 25ish in the D1 senior league I play in), by a score of 0-3. To lose on a penalty kick hurts, especially when they had several opportunities at the end to make one themselves.  That said, I would have gone for the try and the win too. I'm proud of them (for 99% of their game choices!).

Its hard to have the season end. It takes up so much time and emotional energy.

I guess I could work on my dissertation now. Or, you know, work out?

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