Monday, May 31, 2010

back to training

As per usual, I took a few weeks off from organized training after my half marathon (not that my training was awesome anyway). And its been so busy, how could I have done otherwise? One paper + one exam = the end of my classes, then there was the U23 tryouts, a couple of games, a couple of board meetings, my actual paying job...whew. And vacation! (more to come on Disney eventually)

Today I did 4 miles, around 11 am, in 90 degree heat. I have absolutely no idea how I finished the Long Branch Half, though I admit to stopping - entirely - every mile today (and maybe more like every third in the last mile). A nine minute pace though, not counting stops, so that was nice.

So I'm training for a 5 miler on July 4, which I'm using to establish a base for my fall half, which will be (at minimum) the Philly Distance Run. I've done that race before (1:57 in 2007 while training for NYC) and its a fun course with good crowd support and music.

I think I'm going to go back to week by week plans for accountability (since I dropped off on the LBH, and dropped off training!), so here goes:

Running plans:
30 tempo
3 miles (did 4 already)
5 miles long

Other training:
Weights x3 (back to the New Rules of Lifting program I ditched when our season started)
other cardio x1

I'm also going to start training in Weight Watchers online...I haven't lost an ounce really this year, and I'd really like to shake my post-wedding 15 before my fall half (plus maybe 10-15 more!).

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