Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've been missing a lot of practice (and a game) with my team to coach for a D3 club...which I've been very torn about (love coaching, but have guilt issues as I'm not quite ready to retire yet).

But this weekend I missed my team's game to manage for the U23 All Stars developmental event at a major tournament (still feel guilty, but less so since the head coach of this team is also the head coach of the team I play for, and wanted me to come to be her bitch manager).

Two of the girls (kids? women? ladies?) from my D. U. team were invited to the event (which is aimed at getting Div 2 & 3 players higher level experience - all stars of their not-so-amazing clubs and its an opportunity to really play up). I'll spare you all the details, but both did AMAZINGLY today, all things considered. The head coach is considering my little scrumhalf for Most Improved over the weekend and really likes her as a developing player (BIG compliment) and I am just about bursting with pride. I'm super sad I can't stay for tomorrow's games, but I might be in the doghouse with Princess Charming (and, um, my professor who I have a big paper due for) if I did that.

Maybe this coaching thing will work out and I'll feel ok about playing less each season as a slow road to retirement?

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