Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Dear Wednesday,

A melted pizza is a close competitor to Tuesday's pinkie sized hornet in my living room, but Monday is still in the lead. We'll see how Thursday and Friday do before we declare a winner for the week.


I hate to cook for just myself (actually, I don't really like cooking for 2 either - I prefer 4+ so I can justify a semi-gourmet meal). So, since I'm home alone a lot in the evenings, I eat a lot of leftovers. We were out though, so I went for the frozen pizza.
Apparently rising crust pizza needs to be on a cookie sheet when you put it in the oven frozen. I am 99% sure the ones we normally buy don't (my mom brought this one over and left it). It is remarkably hard to remove melted dough from an oven rack. I ended up pulling out the rack and dumping it, then pulling off the stuck parts.

Still though, with a little reshaping and the addition of some shredded mozzarella, it turned out OK. As evident from the chunk missing from below (after that taste of crust, I decided it needed to cool a bit before I took my piece half).

So, F.reschetta, good job making a pizza that can recover from failure to read directions (who needs directions for frozen pizza?).

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  1. I give you props for adding cheese and going at it again. I probably would have just eaten the cheese.