Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was stuck in CVS for 20 minute last night waiting for my post-banging-on-my-mouth-with-masonry-tools experience with a numb cheek and mouth full of cotton. As such, I had to wander around instead of making small talk on the cell...and bought Princess Charming a couple of Valentines day gifts. For 99 cents each.

Tacky? Probably. More than I'd normally buy? Yes. I am a horrible gift giver. I hate picking out presents. We typically buy what we need or want anyway, and since we do 95% of our shopping together, that counts, right?

I hope Princess Charming appreciates her $2.98 worth of V-day gifts...they might even come with dinner, but not a card. That would double my Hallmark Holiday bill.

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