Wednesday, January 14, 2009

because I am a complainer

I am not a fashion guru, but I try to look stylish and reasonably put together. However, a large percentage of trends annoy me, especially among the college crowd (ala people I see walking to and from work).

In pictorial, because a picture tells a thousand words (or at least is clearer than I can describe), things that bug me:

I'd like to add that leggings are not pants. The only acceptable places to wear leggings are 1) your own house 2) under pants 3) running. Failure to abide by this simple rule will mean too many people in your life will know your underwear preferences.

The jeans into boots is over for me...I could never pull it off to begin with, but I THOUGHT it was cute. Until the college kids did too. I saw at least a half dozen girls sporting this look in about 5 minutes this am. Clones, perhaps?

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