Friday, August 18, 2006

time flies

Its already Friday. And not in the TGIF sense (I've been off all week) but in the "where did the week go?" sense....this is the only day this week I've really bummed around too. Well, if your defination of bumming around all day includes a tetnus shot and nearly passing out in the doctor's parking lot (fabulous).

So I've spent some time this afternoon uploading teammates' Saranac photos to my Yahoo site for one-stop ordering, and started thinking about the gift I got at my going-away roast (see below).

I've posted this photo not for your amusement, so quit laughing : ) , but to illustrate my thought/advice of the afternoon: always be proud of what you do, and who you are because your past will always be with you.

Even after 7+ years and living in 3 other states : )
Also, now you may laugh, because I just looked at the photo again, and the pirate bandanas + the lei from the guys who invaded our dinner + the sunburn + yearbook marching band photo ala (strange shade of brown) teeshirt = one hot chick. mmmhmm.

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