Thursday, July 26, 2012

so that fall marathon

So this November, my wife and I are running the NYC Marathon. This is a bucket list item for her, and I wanted to do it again, so we're going to run together.

Truth be told, we're running to finish, not to "race" it. This is good for a couple of reasons:
  • it is her first full (and likely my last, at least as far ahead as I can think), and anyone with marathon experience knows running to finish is a good game plan for 26.2 miles.
  • we have infant (almost toddler, omg) twins
So, in light of these issues (plus that we work full time and don't by any stretch of the imagination have enough babysitters at our disposal for childcare for an intense running schedule), we opted for a pretty basic and stretched out (eg, flexible) marathon training plan.  So far so good. I had a set back about a month ago when I strained my hip (actually i strained by back, and then I strained my hip. I can't even remember if I wrote about this but I don't want to relive it so we'll just move on). Due to some weather/timing/laziness issues, we're currently a week behind, but since the schedule has so much room for flexibility, I'm not too concerned. This weekend we need to do 14 miles. My in-laws will be visiting for the girls' birthday, so I am hoping we can knock them out all at once, sans stroller, Saturday morning.

On a related note, the race is 14 weeks from this coming Sunday. I currently weigh 16 lbs more than I did when I ran it in 2007. Should I try to lose the weight? I don't know. The biggest most ridiculous hurdle to that for me right now is I don't want to have to admit to anyone I didn't/couldn't find the motivation/whatever if I do try...ridiculous.

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