Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Old age

Today my mom asked me how old I will be at my next birthday (which us this weekend). She wasn't sure if I was turning 30 or 31. Now, granted, this was in person...i like to think she could have figured it out, especially since my dad's birthday was only 5 days ago and I'm pretty sure she remembers his age, and he is 30 years older than me (much like I am 30 years older than my kids!).

I can't help being a little insulted though. I am her oldest kid. Shouldn't she remember how old I am??

My minor confession though: I sometimes screw up my age. I default to 26 (hahaha) or my wife's age....and she is a year older than me. At least I can remember how old she is.

I think I am at that point age really is just a number that doesn't matter a bit.

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